Hello! I’m Alana and like many people I enjoy taking photos of food.

After leaving the corporate world to peruse studies in digital media in 2010 I found an unexpected hobby in taking photos of both the homely and unusual dishes that poured from my kitchen; these are often inspired by my love of sweet treats, my resourceful days as a student as of course my wonderful Egyptian-Cypriot heritage.

This became an important part of my university studies and food photography soon formed a large part of my portfolio. My two hobbies of food and photography in conjunction with academia became so entwined I eventually produced my very own cookbook as my final, end of degree project which you can read about here. Feels good, man.

Many Australian food blogs place a lot of emphasis on dining out and taking snaps at restaurants, bars and cafés and although this makes for great reading and viewing I feel the true value of food as a homely and generous act is somehow being lost. I believe food should be centred around creativity and sharing so I sincerely hope this blog exudes all sorts of delicious, possibly inspiring, goodness.

alanabread now exists, not only to share the food I enjoy, but to share my experiences as an emerging food and lifestyle photographer in Sydney.



E-mail: hello@alanabread.com

Twitter: @bananaparty

Facebook: alanabread

Portfolio: alanadimou.com



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  1. Ben’s avatar

    I’m absolutely loving the recipes thus far, particularly the savoury ones! Please post more!


  2. Stephanie’s avatar

    I adore this blog, please continue to post and make me super jealous of your talent!!


  3. chopinandmysaucepan’s avatar

    Hey Alana, thanks for checking out our blog. That photo is absolutely hilarious and I’m still wondering what the caption means :) :)


  4. Dea’s avatar

    Hi Alana, I just came across your blog today, and I love it :)


  5. Ridwan’s avatar

    You have a great Blog Love IT,Thanks for checking out My blog :)


  6. Stephanie’s avatar

    I am in blog heaven here oxoxo I have a sinister sweet tooth and I love good food. I’m also a digital design and graphics student who loves photography too. I love your work! Keep it up. I’ll be visiting often :)


  7. georgie’s avatar

    Hi Alana. I just discovered you through the pedestrian tv blogster awards. Even though I’m up against you, you’ve totally got my vote. Your blog and photography is truly beautiful. Good Luck! geo x



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