“Bad” Food Photos


ONCE UPON A TIME THIS WAS ACCEPTABLE. (You can consider this post an act of nostalgia, some thinly veiled vanity in regards to self improvement or simply some straight up lols fresh out of 2008.)

I am a firm believer that there is no such thing as a bad photo or bad photographer, just a bad attitude behind said photo or photographer. Armed with a fuji point-and-shoot as I travelled the globe almost 6 years ago I’d like to think the photos you see posted below were taken with both earnest intentions and a light heart and as such I feel it’s only right to give them the attention they deserve. Let’s transport ourselves back to a time where the food you ate was not a badge of honour nor was the dish you ordered a notch on your gluttonous bed post. It was part of the ordinary everyday and taking a photo of your dinner wasn’t a thing, a fad or a taboo; you could take a casual photo of it as if it were a friend or a cute dog. Auto mode! Turn on the flash! I would use flash all the time if I could!

These images retain a certain innocence, relics of an era before the complex and ubiquitous beast that is food blogging entered our precious lives.

They’re unappetising, poorly framed and ill-considered to anybody of this day and age; it’s funny how such simple notions become so dated (and offensive), huh? They represent documentation rather than collection so please enjoy, no, celebrate, something that would now be considered “a little bit shit”. Appreciate a simpler time with me, please.



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  1. milkteaxx’s avatar

    i sometimes look back at my photos and cringe, although i still don’t take superb photos like you, i like to think ive gotten better with technology.


  2. John Gorge’s avatar

    Awesome pics… It makes me droll.


  3. Tina@foodboozeshoes’s avatar

    Oh Alana… Some of my photos still look like this! In the end, it’s the right spirit that counts…? lol


  4. Annie @ The Random Foodie’s avatar

    sighssss still guilty of these crimes especially when there is poor lighting >.<. so need to get a new camera soon


  5. Milk and Honey’s avatar

    Some of my older photos are seriously cringe-worthy.


  6. Winston’s avatar

    Bahahhaha… Your blog never fails to crack me up, Alana. That’s why I love reading it so much. If only past Alana could meet present Alana…


  7. Eva@thehungryplum’s avatar

    Haha! All I’m looking at is your chipped red nail polish. I’m ashamed to say I’ve started cropping the ol’ chipped polish out these days…too funny.


  8. Georgia’s avatar

    These are so fantastic! Congratulations on being so brave and posting them!


  9. Olivia @ mademoiselleinsydney’s avatar

    My photos look like this, so hopefully, in 2020, i’ll get there :)



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