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Hot Chocolate

Tonight I read a horrible blog review of one of my favourite restaurants, so, I began to feel incredibly saddened on their behalf and made myself a warm beverage as a result of that #firstworld online stress. And now I’m blogging about that thing I made as a result of blog apprehension. Circle of online life. Be annoyed by internet therefore post on internet.

I’m making a stand in not referring to this as “Spicy Coconut Hot Chocolate” up there in that title box because I care not for buzzwords or SEO. Gosh, I’m so kooky and anti-blog! My recipes are so understated and cool! Plus, I have no clever anecdote today except that I reacted in a most delicious way to something that really had no bearing on my everyday life at all. Hahah, feelings. This is spicy and salty and fatty and chocolately so indulge happily, and if you happen to be in a foul mood contemplating why you can’t help but be annoyed by annoying things in the peripherals of your career like I was, relish in its lingering chilli glory and feel it all around.

Hot ChocolateHot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate

1 cup milk
1/2 cup coconut milk
2 cinnamon quills
A few squares of chocolate
1/2 tsp dried chilli
Pinch of salt

1. Warm milk and coconut milk in a saucepan. Add one cinnamon quill and bring to the boil. Once hot enough, simmer until the milk is infused with cinnamon (around 15 minutes). Remove from heat, add chocolate and stir until dissolved (you may need to apply more heat to finish the job). Add chilli and salt, stir to combine and pour into mugs. Float another cinnamon quill on top and down that bad thing like you just don’t care.

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Festive Peppermint Hot Chocolate

It’s been one of those days. I’m wearing odd socks. I’ve uttered the term “IDGAF” to so many people today I am properly offending my very own sensibilities.

I demand COMFORT FOOD. And yes, anytime I type this phrase it is always in CAPITAL LETTERS ‘cos it’s kind of a BIG DEAL.

Festive Peppermint Hot Chocolate

I toyed with the idea of buying a mint pattie for myself earlier today at the supermarket for a split second, a decision I would live to regret; on the way home I was flooded by a remorse so deep I may have shed a teeny-tiny tear. Ravaged by this soul-destroying guilt I foraged around the pantry and found some leftover candy canes from my gingerbread house building venture a few days ago. I was craving peppermint and chocolate so badly I was willing to cast off the shackles of soy-based-beverage oppression that so constantly plagues my delicious lifestyle. The rest, as they say, is history. Quick, easy history.

Festive Peppermint Hot Chocolate

Festive Peppermint Hot Chocolate

The candy cane serves as lovely stirring utensil if you’re one to take your time enjoying a mug of hugs. If you’re in the company of anyone who doesn’t particularly enjoy peppermint however (a most unfortunate affliction) the candy cane can always be omitted as it is the sole source of peppermint in this recipe.

Festive Peppermint Hot ChocolateThis recipe follows my golden rule of cookery; where this is chocolate there must be salt. It’s basic ying and yang! This recipe will serve one comforting mug or two smaller shots if you’re in a generous, sharing mood.



(an original recipe)

3/4 cup milk

50 g chocolate (I used half dark, half milk)

pinch of salt

1 or 2 candy canes, curve removed


1. In a heat-proof bowl microwave milk until it is very hot (around one minute).

2. Chop your chocolate and once the milk is ready add to bowl and stir until melted and combined (a few flecks of chocolate may remain). Add salt.

3. Pour into glasses and adorn with can upside-down candy cane.

Festive Peppermint Hot Chocolate

Now, somebody please tell my brother if he doesn’t arrive home soon I’m drinking his for him.

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Berry Infused Vodka

Still riding the high of my recent LET’S-MAKE-EVERYTHING-FROM-SCRATCH! revelation I decided it was time for a little home alchemy thanks to a friend who, in exchange for my photographic services, presented me with a rather large bottle of vodka. Lovely.

Berry Infused Vodka

Berry Infused Vodka

After trawling the internet regarding the best methods of home infusion I shrugged and tumbled everything into a tub for steeping; I’m talking strawberries, blueberries, lemon rind, sugar syrup, a cinnamon stick and the most potent vanilla bean I have ever had the pleasure of using to create this DIY berry infused vodka.

Berry Infused Vodka

The only difficult step to this process is waiting. I kept this tub in a dark place for three weeks after which time it looked a little something like this; the vodka had completely stripped the berries of their colour and little vanilla bits were floating everywhere. Straining this concoction was incredibly ugly (NOTE: no matter how tempted you are, do not eat the berries; your brain will melt out of your ears if you do).

Berry Infused VodkaBerry Infused Vodka

After further cheesecloth straining I funnelled my wonderful liquor into glass bottles. The result? The most intensely delicious vanilla. Vibrant red and fragrant berry flavours. This was one of those times a pilot experiment has lead to immeasurable happiness!

Berry Infused Vodka

Now, what to do with such a special brew? Keep it simple; one shot over ice, lemonade, freshly sliced strawberries to garnish. This drink is girly as all heck but is so absolutely special I’m convinced the boys will be more than willing to drink this over, and over again. Welcome to vodka with style!

Berry Infused Vodka

EDIT: my brother, my dad and my boyfriend love this so yes, it is a blaring manly success!



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