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Berry Infused Vodka

Still riding the high of my recent LET’S-MAKE-EVERYTHING-FROM-SCRATCH! revelation I decided it was time for a little home alchemy thanks to a friend who, in exchange for my photographic services, presented me with a rather large bottle of vodka. Lovely.

Berry Infused Vodka

Berry Infused Vodka

After trawling the internet regarding the best methods of home infusion I shrugged and tumbled everything into a tub for steeping; I’m talking strawberries, blueberries, lemon rind, sugar syrup, a cinnamon stick and the most potent vanilla bean I have ever had the pleasure of using to create this DIY berry infused vodka.

Berry Infused Vodka

The only difficult step to this process is waiting. I kept this tub in a dark place for three weeks after which time it looked a little something like this; the vodka had completely stripped the berries of their colour and little vanilla bits were floating everywhere. Straining this concoction was incredibly ugly (NOTE: no matter how tempted you are, do not eat the berries; your brain will melt out of your ears if you do).

Berry Infused VodkaBerry Infused Vodka

After further cheesecloth straining I funnelled my wonderful liquor into glass bottles. The result? The most intensely delicious vanilla. Vibrant red and fragrant berry flavours. This was one of those times a pilot experiment has lead to immeasurable happiness!

Berry Infused Vodka

Now, what to do with such a special brew? Keep it simple; one shot over ice, lemonade, freshly sliced strawberries to garnish. This drink is girly as all heck but is so absolutely special I’m convinced the boys will be more than willing to drink this over, and over again. Welcome to vodka with style!

Berry Infused Vodka

EDIT: my brother, my dad and my boyfriend love this so yes, it is a blaring manly success!



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HELLO! And thanks for visiting my fresh new blog. Unfortunately my first post may be a slight letdown due to an absence of recipe however I would like to share some photos of a recent experiment. BEER MARSHMALLOWS. What? YES! A delicious snack food combined a with delicious alcoholic beverage? Truly match made in heaven.

Have you ever seen a slab of marshmallow? It’s surely a sight to behold, a sluggish rectangular blob vaguely resembling airy tofu. But sticky and gross.

But it’s funny what some knife work, melted chocolate and salted nuts can do.

If you too would like to create your very own drunken mallow army then stay tuned! In this instance I used Young’s Double Chocolate Stout however since these were covered in chocolate… see where I’m getting at? Once I match the perfect beer to this concoction the recipe will be posted ASAP. Oh, err, and remind me to remind you of the dangers of applying carbonated alcohol to heat. HOORAY FOR LEARNING BY DOING!

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