Christmas Two Ways

Multiracial life is an interesting one. People on the street sometimes speak to me in languages I don’t understand and my dual appearance often has me feeling uncomfortable in my own, somewhat tanned skin as I fit neither here nor there. Back in the old MySpace days I found their “nationality” profile section insufficient. In Japan I was mistaken for being French and in France I was mistaken for being Italian. I was paid out for having a big nose as a child but these days I’m complimented on my coveted, high cheekbones. The symbol of a watermelon as a prelude for party-times is ingrained in every thread of my being and the number of times sweet old gentlemen have approached me with “YOU GRIK GAHL?” is a relentless joy, both a blessing and a curse.

My amazing plan this week was to document both sides of my family, The Egyptians and The Cypriots, and how their Christmas celebrations draw exciting parallels despite their geographic difference; food served in loved Bessemer, lunch of both traditional and modern dishes, watermelon. When I first began this blog my intention was to highlight my colourful ethnic background illustrating these sorts of get-togethers but in almost one-and-a-half years nothing of the sort ever eventuated. Until now. My amazing plan fell short of amazing as I hadn’t factored in the amazing food coma element. Cameras and food, man. My eye for symmetry blurred significantly under the weight of BBQ lamb, chicken, duck, molokhia, fresh seafood, ham, kashk, stuffed tomato, my Teta’s famous crème caramel and more (I feel heavy). But I tried. I tried and then I fell asleep on a couch somewhere. I think my brother summed it up best in an instagram post simply captioned Dat wog lunch :’). Oh well, better luck next year.

I wish you all the best time this holiday season, enjoy your time off, enjoy time with your friends and family and I’ll see you all in the new year with some new recipe posts. :)

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  1. Tina @ bitemeshowme’s avatar

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas, Alana. Looks like you did with all that wonderful food =D Yep, some people are so very quick to judge. With us Asians, apparently we are all the same – Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese etc. It did get some getting used to but sadly that’s just how this world works. I love that last photo… teehee.. MATCHING!! xx


  2. Miss Piggy’s avatar

    Happy Wog X-mas…they are the best in my (Hungarian) opinion! I was always teased a a kid…not for the way that I look as I look fairly Anglo thanks to my English dad but for the woggy/stinky food that I brought to school…ppft!


  3. Winston’s avatar

    Lovely photos as always and hope you’re having just as much fun in the new year as you did on Christmas!! May the new year continue to bring you lots of love, laughs and food overdose ;p


  4. Nic@diningwithastud’s avatar

    Gorgeous shots! Hope you had a fab Christmas and New Year Alana :)


  5. Vivian - vxdollface’s avatar

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas & New Years! heeh love the bauble shot :D looks like you had a great spread, keen to see more of your ethnic posts :)



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