Coffee Pours

The art of collection has always been a theme of #expression I’ve enjoyed well before I had any interest in dabbling in the creative arts. My dad has albums upon albums of photos, a documented history of friends and family beginning from 30+ years ago, and growing up around these stacks of collections is what most likely sparked my fascination with trawling gold-digging through large quantities of thoughtful images.

When somebody takes many photos in similar circumstances certain patterns begin to emerge. Or, more specifically, when I take photos of anything food related, small streams of similarities begin to surface and, with enough time, they eventually evolve into repetitive themes and creating interesting collections. Like my analogue dad, I have folders and folders of photos but instead of being stored in dusty and distinguished photo albums mine are sprawled on my messy drive filed under “Photo patterns / Collections”. At the the faintest hint of repetition I’ll immediately file it away, in a new little folder, hoping one day to have collected a coherent series of images taken over an extended period of time… slowly maturing, fermenting, like a fine wine or stinky cheese. Even as a teenager with a hobbyist holga (don’t hate, appreciate) I’d often capture interesting signs or familiar scenes for collection. Like Pokémon. If I ever see a coffee being poured, or a dog sitting patiently outside of a cafe, my heart irrationally skips a beat and I zoom in real close like a horrendous creep. It’s an unfortunate habit.

What I’m trying to say is that I’ve taken more than one photo of baristas pouring coffees and, when viewed all at once, it’s kinda nice. Instead of a Lately on Broadsheet style series I thought I’d instead post some images from a recurring theme we’re all well familiar with. Same but different. I think it’s kinda cool. Or maybe I’m just trying to justify my digital hoarding (I struggle to delete outtake photos at the best of times). So although I take photos to document, I will forever love taking photos to collect… which I appreciate is all very serious for just a bunch of coffee pours.

EDIT 4/2/14: I’m adding more now that I’ve become entirely conscious of this potential collection.

Kitchen by Mike, Rosebery

Lemonia, Annandale

The Pig and Pastry, Petersham

Little Mule, Stanmore

Shenkin Kitchen, Enmore

Bread and Circus, Alexandria

The Counter, Petersham

212 Blu, Newtown

John Montagu, Woolloomooloo

Daisy’s Milkbar, Petersham

Ruby’s Diner, Waverley

Short Black Panther, Mortdale

Affogato Shack, Newtown

Brewtown Newtown, Newtown

Single Origin Roasters, Surry Hills

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  1. Sarah Crowder (punctuated. with food)’s avatar

    GIMME! Haha. Love this. What are the dark flecks in the second photo?


  2. tina @ bitemeshowme’s avatar

    Gorgeous shots Alana! You def got skillssssssssss


    1. Infinity’s avatar

      Just what the doctor ordeerd, thankity you!


    2. Winston’s avatar

      Oh man…. Your action shots always look so sexy! I feel like I’m right there at the cafes from these photos =)


    3. Lau@corridorkitchen’s avatar

      I love how your blog is evolving Alana, and these coffee pour photos are fucking excellent.


    4. Gaby’s avatar

      Amazing photos, great collection!



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