Grumpy Donuts

I met Elise and Scott through Kate, a uni friend, on the internet. Facebook-chat heavy story short I learned of their emerging food business, Grumpy Donuts, and a few weeks later they visited to meet IRL to take some photos of their enormously spectacular donut range. My modest dwelling was heaving with good stuff that day – boxes and boxes of the freshest donuts adorned by relevant and perfectly executed toppings created with fine, thoughtfully sourced ingredients. Even their dough recipe is enough to make a grown adult weep.

Straight up these are the greatest donuts that have ever been bestowed upon me and the good news is they are now taking orders for deliveries to select Sydney areas! Please visit their website to view their perfect, perfect flavour list and to order, alternatively visit them on instagram at @grumpydonuts for instant visual stimulus worthy of popping many a food boner. Grumpy Donuts are destined to be huge so you’ll be glad you got on these guys early – I hear they’ll be stocked in cafes across the city shortly.

Small business is where it’s at. Support local! Am I gushing too much? Just buy the donuts. Especially the maple bacon bar.

Thank you Kate for retouching the bacon in the below images.

Grumpy DonutsGrumpy DonutsGrumpy DonutsGrumpy DonutsGrumpy DonutsGrumpy DonutsGrumpy DonutsGrumpy DonutsGrumpy DonutsGrumpy DonutsGrumpy Donuts

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  1. Bianca@forfoodssake’s avatar

    Oh boy oh boy oh boy!! They look bee-yoot-iful!!! So pretty!


  2. Isaac’s avatar

    Awesome photos as per usual, Alana. I’m actually trying to get a batch of these delivered to the office!


  3. chocolatesuze’s avatar

    oh maaaan that bacon donut!


  4. Ramen Raff’s avatar

    I can’t wait to get my hands on a lot of grumpy doughnuts!!! Will try to visit Wedge! And your photos look fricken delish!


  5. Glad Freckleton’s avatar

    I don’t get it. This is every bit as disgusting as the other crap you so rightly call out as the abomination it is. Yet here you go fawning and pimping pseudo-food that resembles the encrusted quoit of a dysentery affected dog that earlier ate the contents of a pre-schooler’s daypack. What a difference a little friendship makes, ay?


    1. Alana’s avatar

      There’s a big difference between fast food garbage and handmade donuts using quality ingredients. Why so mad? Did you quit sugar or something?



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