Holy Candy Thermometer, Batman!

HELLO! And thanks for visiting my fresh new blog. Unfortunately my first post may be a slight letdown due to an absence of recipe however I would like to share some photos of a recent experiment. BEER MARSHMALLOWS. What? YES! A delicious snack food combined a with delicious alcoholic beverage? Truly match made in heaven.

Have you ever seen a slab of marshmallow? It’s surely a sight to behold, a sluggish rectangular blob vaguely resembling airy tofu. But sticky and gross.

But it’s funny what some knife work, melted chocolate and salted nuts can do.

If you too would like to create your very own drunken mallow army then stay tuned! In this instance I used Young’s Double Chocolate Stout however since these were covered in chocolate… see where I’m getting at? Once I match the perfect beer to this concoction the recipe will be posted ASAP. Oh, err, and remind me to remind you of the dangers of applying carbonated alcohol to heat. HOORAY FOR LEARNING BY DOING!

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  1. Amanda’s avatar

    are you kidding me? you just started your blog in July? you’re seriously good at this!



    1. alana’s avatar

      this is perhaps the biggest compliment i’ve ever received, thanks amanda!



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