How To Enjoy Melbourne

Exercise your right to #wanderlust by capturing the clouds. After all, you’re in the sky, you’re intrepid, you’re an urban explorer.

Have a picnic with friends new and old, celebrate a birthday, take a photo of #kooky shit only Melbourne has to offer and shoot each meal as if every plate were a badge of honour (or don’t, because you’re a self-aware blog-haver). Ambiguously instagram. Drown yourself in coffee and pretend you’re not a walking clichĂ©. Stride past Messina and scoff, saunter past Lord of the Fries and surrender. Enjoy the company of your travel compadre and share a cake from Le Bon. Take in the street art, appreciate the urban decay. “Trams are so great, aren’t they?”. Triumphantly embrace the cold as if you were the only person on earth to favour the winter months. Find yourself easily impressed by everything.

Oops, camera is on the wrong setting, everything’s blurry. Ohh, it’s kinda arty, huh! So Melbourne.

Sigh at the airport and lose your boarding pass. Sit beside a horrendously scarred window. Try and take a photo of the world below and it sucks. It’s just a metaphor for everything, because everything sucks when you’re heading home. The familiar feels uncomfortable and your home city suddenly seems… questionable. Cool emotions, Sydney-sider; time to faceplant into the marshmallow bag you scored from Burch and Purchese at your desk.

For the sake of food blog relevance, here are the places I ate at and would recommend to all: Cumulus Inc., Cookie, Fitzrovia, Proud Mary, Taxi Dining Room, Burch and Purchese, Padre Coffee, Queen Victoria Market, Le Bon, Slow Beer, Miss Marmalade.

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  1. Milk and Honey’s avatar

    I’m from Melbourne and I love the way you’ve captured it.


  2. Tina @ bitemeshowme’s avatar

    never get sick of looking at your photos!


  3. Swah’s avatar

    Beautiful photos Alana and I LOVE Cookie. I go there everytime I visit Melbourne. I am overdue for a visit…


  4. Ramen Raff’s avatar

    Freakin’ totes amaze photos as always Alana! Love Melbourne and I would live there if I could. Padre’s Daddy’s Girl blend was pretty good and took some of them beans back here in Sydney.


  5. Winston’s avatar

    Wowsers out of all the places you ate at I’ve only been to Cumulus, Proud Mary and Victoria Market! Way to eat your way through Melbourne. I love how Melbourne and Sydney siders always enjoy visiting each other’s cities and eating our hearts out when we’re visiting. Piks look kickass as usual


  6. Winston’s avatar

    Btw you make Melbourne look so sunny! =D


  7. milkteaxx’s avatar

    wonderful pics! i loved my meal at cookie too! simply amazing flavours! it was great to meet you at the picnic!


  8. jessica’s avatar

    beautiful photos! glad you had a good time and ate and/or bought all the things, because that’s what trips to melbourne are all about! x

    little henry lee


  9. milkteaxx’s avatar

    i love B&P! i walked all the way from flinders st station to them in the middle of summer once, was so worth it!



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