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Consider this post an evolution of my time as an intern at Time Out Sydney; lately I’ve been contributing here and there to Sydney lifestyle publication Broadsheet. Please take my hand and join me on my ~photographic journey~.

As always the experience is doing my simple head in (in the best possible way) and with a job like this it’s difficult not to learn something new each day. Photography of this nature is not simply a case of pressing a button before a nicely presented plate (though I’m not denying a higher, more colourful dish is easier to shoot); it’s problem solving and adapting to the space, it’s finding where the light lays and learning how to use it to your advantage. If it sucks you need to manipulate, if it’s not there you need to create it. It’s easy in this day and age define a photographer simply by somebody who owns a camera and the better the camera the better the photo therefore the better the photographer BUT a long shutter speed or bokeh explosion won’t always make a good photo. You can own the fanciest camera with the biggest sensor on the most stable tripod but that won’t help either. Food photography is small and finicky so it’s difficult to hide any mistakes. All very obvious in theory but I sometimes forget these things in the moment, camera in hand, being caught in almost torrential rain with a big, ugly ute obscuring my dream angle (true story from the other week).

So, if there’s one thing I’ve leant these past few weeks it’s that circumstances may vary and you gotta deal with that. Again, very obvious, but I’m forgetful and this sentiment isn’t always at the forefront of my mind as it should be.

Epiphanies aside it’s been really nice walking around Sydney meeting wonderful people and occasionally trying their excellent food. Here are some photos from the past few weeks.

Chicken skewers @ Shortgrain

Daily salads @ Arthur Street Kitchen

Cheese + pico quesadilla @ Beach Burrito

Beef brisket sandwich @ The Sandwich Shop

RivaReno Gelato, Darlinghurst

Jafe Jaffles Kombi

The Bourbon, Kings Cross

Roast pork panini @ La Macelleria

Margarita pizza @ Gourmet Slice

Crispy quail @ Miss Chu

Chicago style hotdog @ Bishop Sessa

St Peters Summer Garden + Urban Farm

Lemonia, Annandale

If you’d like to see the photo sets and articles in their entirety please visit the below…
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An Urban Farm in Sydney Park
Lemonia Cafe
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  1. Swah’s avatar

    Your photos are gorgeous and making me hungry. Congrats on the sweet Broadsheet gig!!


  2. Miss Piggy’s avatar

    Great photos – what a lovely & creative job to have. I know Broadsheet do a printed version but I don’t know where to pick it up from. Do you?


    1. Alana’s avatar

      Thanks Mel! I do, they’re dispersed around cafes mostly in the inner-city I believe (I’ve not actually seen one myself)!


    2. Donna-Caroline Khoo’s avatar

      Gorgeous blog, just found you and what a delight. My name is Donna and I am a Melb girl with a blog nectar and stone.

      Look forward to seeing more.



    3. vegeTARAian’s avatar

      Duuuude, you so clever! Your photos are fab ;)


    4. jessica’s avatar

      well i think you’ve done a great job in all of these varied circumstances! and all the food looks so good/i want to eat everything! and as a sidenote i love that the guy making coffee in the last restaurant is wearing a blink 182 trucker hat, hahaha.


    5. tina @ bitemeshowme’s avatar

      admiring all your photos right now. amazing.


    6. Kate Says Stuff’s avatar

      Wow, beautiful photos and some of that food looks just amazing.


    7. Lau@corridorkitchen’s avatar

      All I can say is, Broadsheet are lucky to have you. Those photos are fucking amazing.


    8. Nic @diningwithastud’s avatar

      Your photography always blows me away. Absolutely stunning :)


    9. Vivian - vxdollface’s avatar

      Looks like you’ve been having some great eats :) I hope you do get fed after taking the shots! The Bourbon looks swish



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