MasterChef Live + Cheeky Food Group Host Australia’s Largest Masterclass

Hi Alan, we are delighted to confirm you will be part of the MasterChef Live Masterclass this Thursday. The reason for this masterclass is to showcase to the media a snap shot of what you can do at the MasterChef Live event coming up in a few weeks time.

Receiving this email on Tuesday had me so elated I was willing to forgive the blatant typo of my name. And also the section that read “Arrival time: 7:15 am for registration”? Yeah, I was blinded by my excitement on that one as well. Morning struggles aside however, I arrived fresh (I’m lying) with digital media comrade and fellow food blogger Dorothy of Zumboriffic fame.

Being welcomed by the glorious, infamous Masterchef clock was enough to shake the decaffeinated mess out of me.

We weren’t entirely sure what to expect besides the chorizo, flames and “white shirt, dark pants” dress code mentioned in the email but we were very kindly explained this would be a brief masterclass covering some kitchen basics and the majestic art of the flambé. Oooooooh.

First lesson: knife skills. Because I understand a photo of chopped herbs makes for riveting blogging here you go, my shallots finely chopped to perfection (cough).

Some familiar faces dropped by to assist. Here’s Adriano Zumbo sans dessert in hand.

Miguel Maestre seemed comfortable wooing the ladies whilst educating the audience of the correct pronounciation of chorizo (“CHORIIITHHHOOOOOOO”).

Second lesson: mis en place. A truly commendable effort, our group’s sliced chorizo.

Amongst the commotion Dorothy and I were able to fangirl our way into a couple of photos. You know that vaguely awkward moment when someone offers to take your photo and they don’t particularly turn out how you would like? So I ask you, what’s better; a blurry photo or a photo where you’re either blinking or about to start speaking with squishy face? You decide.


More slicing and dicing ensued amongst the chaos of the celebrity chef’s presence. And girls swooning over Hayden.

“Hey, this bread looks pretty good. Where did it come from? Oh… duh. Hahahaha.”

Everyone crowds around the gas burners for the first flambé of the morning. Say hello to Allesandro Pavoni and Shaun Presland (and get a load of the BFFs on the left).

Lessons learnt? A little fire brings so much joy to even the most experienced of chefs. Perhaps anyone who enjoys cooking is just a pyro with a cause.

… and eating garlicy chorizo for breakfast, as delicious as it may be, leaves you feeling a little on the “seasoned” side for the rest of the day. Thanks again to MasterChef Live and Cheeky for such a fun filled morning!

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  1. Vivian - vxdollface’s avatar

    Just stumbled across your blog and I’m hooked :D great photos, looks like you had an amazing time nomming ‘chorithooo’ hehe


  2. JasmyneTea’s avatar

    Sounds like a great day Alan! :P



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