Ombré Neapolitan Cake (vanilla + chocolate + strawberry)

As bloggers we are content creators, we make neat stuff whether it be photos, drawings or pieces of insightful writing to entertain and/or educate the internet masses. If we have a corner of the internet we have a responsibility to represent ourselves in entirety; creatively, emotionally, whatever. We push the boundaries of what we know and enjoy and create new and exciting things to share. In turn we are inspired by what others do. An honest blog is a beautiful outlet of nice sentiments and hard work. Personally, my benchmark of a good post is one that disregards all the trends and basks in the sweet glow of straight up originality (if there even is such a thing).


This weekend something took hold of me. A terrible monster. Like the devil’s grip I was thrown into the shallow abyss of kawaii cake trends. On Friday night I was up at 2am gluing small triangles onto striped twine and you know what? I felt so alive… like I was patting a pack of pugs whilst simultaneously poaching an egg for brunch. I made ombré cakes, I stacked them high and got rustic with a Wilton #125 tip. Pink. Chocolate. Strawberries. Ruffles (kinda). Bunting. Is this how God feels (on one of his more leisurely days)? Can I put a bird on it? These are my dirty kicks. I was possessed by a beautiful twee monster all in the name of creating a nice birthday cake for my friend Julie. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JULIE!

Basically what I’m trying to say is sometimes I cannot resist the warm, comforting yet disgusting lure of a good dessert trend. Ombré + bunting. It’s Etsy crack, it’s twee porn. But it’s ok (sometimes), or at least that’s what I’m trying to convince myself. I did not choose the Etsy life, the Etsy life chose me.

I named this a “Neapolitan Cake” mostly for the wank, however, upon actually tasting the combination of vanilla cake, chocolate ganache/buttercream, strawberry swiss meringue buttercream and slices of fresh strawberries together the cake really did emulate flavours of a straight up ghetto tub of Neapolitan ice cream. So good. One of my favourite cakes to date. In fact, pastry chef Felicia said it best when she confided “I know exactly what’s in this icing yet I can’t stop eating it”.

Because I so often keep it real I don’t have any staged “slicing of the cake” photos, instead I have some unglamorous shots as it was divided between the 12 of us at a restaurant in Glebe. In true (new?) alanabread style I’ve illustrated how to construct this tower of twee (no recipe this time but send me an email if you’d like some assistance on that front). Otherwise just stack it, dirty ice it then slater it (maybe stab it with bunting if you’re ready to embrace twee).

Also (not even an attempt at a suave segue here), I was recently informed alanabread was not only nominated but is a finalist in the Voices of 2013 blog awards! So thank you so, so very much to everyone who nominated me and of course to the judges, I really appreciate the recognition. Congratulations to all my blogging peers also, you can find the list of finalists here. But, I digress (sneaky tear), here are some cake related pixels. Good luck and enjoy!

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  1. Phuoc'n Delicious’s avatar

    Love it darling! Dessert trends and all.. Now I’m blaming you for wanting cake at this hour! Why must you be so cruel?!

    Now beware of IG as they tend to steal creative masterpieces like this :(


  2. Sarah’s avatar

    These photos are really fucking good. And this cake looks amazing, regardless of the crushingly lame trend that inspired it. Damn you.

    Sarah aka “jealous of your talent”


  3. Ai-Ling@blueapocalypse’s avatar

    I grew up with Neapolitan ice cream, my parents always bought this as they thought that having choice was good but I only wanted chocolate and strawberry was always leftover. I think that all three flavours would work better in cake format.

    You may be on trend but I like how your icing is just slapped on and imperfect, not carefully piped on in some sort of floral shape.

    You need to put a bird on it somewhere to up the Etsy stakes or maybe woodland animals!


  4. Anna @ The Littlest Anchovy’s avatar

    We all need a little hiptster etsy trend in our life and what better way to dive into it! Maybe you could put some plastic deer on there along with the bird…or not, I think it is perfect as is. LOVE your photos Alana, I draw more inspiration from your blog that anything on Etsy any day.


  5. Iron Chef Shellie’s avatar

    bahaha! I love your drawing “potential fire hazzard” … my flags nearly caught fire on the weekend! LOOOVE cake bunting! It looks amazing!


  6. Birthday girl Julie’s avatar

    It was womderfully perfect!! Thank you my dear friend!


  7. ashley’s avatar

    Hey! This looks amazing!!! Is there a recipe anywhere?


  8. Dina’s avatar

    wow that frosting is luscious!


  9. Jessica’s avatar

    god your cakes always looks so amazing! don’t worry, sometimes you can’t help giving in to super cutesy, twee etsy cravings, it’s just meant to be!


  10. Vivian - vxdollface’s avatar

    congrats on being a finalist! :D

    gorgeous cake xx


  11. Nic @diningwithastud’s avatar

    Such a gorgeous cake :) congrats!!!!



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