Peanut Butter Desserts of Sydney

For whatever reason I never considered posting a whole lot of “work” photos here, y’know, alanabread is all about my food, man. HAHAHAHA, forget that; other people make food a whole lot better than me in spaces far nicer than mine so prepare for a new assault of on-the-job snaps. I’m sure some cafe name dropping won’t go astray for my horrendous SEO either. No, really, I clearly have no understanding of how to make a blog good and accessible to the masses so I’m remedying this with an onslaught of food photos. It’s all I know. This may also be a good time to mention my rarely talked about portfolio site, check it out (please), hire me (PLEASE).

Speaking of food photos, a little story. Around a month ago I was shooting a Glebe feature for work in a rather narrow little cafe. Space was tight and light was plentiful so I ditched the tripod a crouched before the mighty sandwich for a sweet snap, keeping space clear for potential pedestrians (though when I say crouched I actually mean awkwardly leaning with my arse sticking out). A couple of minutes had passed, I was concentrating on capturing the essence of the sambo until I heard the undeniable artificial shutter snap of a phone photo being taken. I looked up to find a smarmy looking girl, phone in hand, pointed right at me, refusing to make eye contact. A little confused I scanned around the corridor cafe and nobody was nearby; we were the only people in the room. Did… did she just take a photo to poke fun at was I was doing? Was my arse just snapchatted to a plethora of smug chumps? Was I captured alongside a hilarious #hashtag? Am I floating around on instagram somewhere (“LOL FOODIES HAHAHAH”)? Was she jealous of the free pulled-pork sandwich I was just offered?! It honestly didn’t bother me at the time but the more I think about it now the more baffled I am. Paying out people who take photos of food is unedgy, so 2011. Poor form, bad vogue, so if you were trying to make a joke out of me that wasn’t very #relevant. But congratulations, you successfully trolled me in retrospect, I’m now more self-conscious than ever. I’ll never take photos naked (sans sturdy tripod) again, it’s my humiliation salvation…. either that or I’ll be a strong girl and keep these sentiments in mind. Yeah, let’s stick with the latter.

Back to peanut butter chat. I was made for this assignment. Like, if the good lord put me on earth to do one thing it was to shoot this story; Peanut Buttered (here’s the entire article by Alecia Wood). If you saw me heaving around the inner-west streets of Sydney recently this is why. Peanut butter is in my veins. After this week I may need to get into this #clean #eating thing. Enjoy the PB assault, quinoa eating bastards turn away now please.

Devon Cafe - Little Lost Brioche
Devon Cafe – Little Lost Brioche

The Pie Tin - Peanut butter and chocolate tart
The Pie Tin – Peanut butter and chocolate tart

Hartsyard - Peanut butter and banana sundae
Hartsyard – Peanut butter and banana sundae

4Fourteen - Peanut butter and banana popsicle
4Fourteen – Peanut butter and banana popsicle with honeycomb

The Milk Bar by Cafe Ish - Peanut butter and jelly milkshake
The Milk Bar by Cafe Ish – Peanut butter and jelly milkshake

Kurtosh - Peanut butter and chocolate ganache cake
Kürtosh – Peanut butter and chocolate ganache cake

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  1. Ramen Raff’s avatar

    Milk Bar’s PBJ milkshake is amazing and surprisingly light. I love Devon’s PB&J French brioche toast too!


  2. milkteaxx’s avatar

    omgsh saw this on smh and almost licked my screen!


  3. Tina @ bitemeshowme’s avatar

    Love your work Alana, and I bet that person did just want a photo of your ass ;) Haha have you ever found the photo surfaced yet? Unless of course she was star struck? Who wouldn’t be if they saw you? ;P haha


  4. Swah’s avatar

    I am ashamed to admit I have only tried one of these (the Hartsyard sundae) and I LOVE peanut butter. I gotta get my act together and go on a peanut butter tour of Sydney!


  5. melanie’s avatar

    looks like i need to come back to sydney and follow you around as your “assistant” ASAP


  6. angela@mykikicake’s avatar

    Oh MY! These all look amazing, I would be in sweet heaven with any of them!


  7. Deepa@onesmallpot’s avatar

    Oh wow, this is making me want to do a PB tour of Sydney! Maybe even all in the one day….hehe…..
    Lovely pics :-)


  8. Vivian - vxdollface’s avatar

    haha hilarious writeup! though i do home she wasn’t poking fun at you :) mm loving all the pb-ness of this post!


  9. thenoiseinspace’s avatar

    Oh my God, they look amazing! Now if only they weren’t so far away…I don’t supposed any of them ship across the globe but it would definitely be worth checking out!


  10. Nic@diningwithastud’s avatar

    I’m literally having heart palpitations – in THE best way!!! I must visit all of these places. Today!!!


  11. Winston’s avatar

    HEEEEEELP!!! Such a teast that you’re posting about this but knowing that there’s no way I can have any of it. Although, I love feeling envious of other’s people foods. It’s an ironically nice feeling to have haha



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