Raspberry Sorbet (with Lime + Cointreau)

I hate Summer. I hate, hate, hate it. What’s there to like about the heat, sweatiness and general discomfort? Ever since I was young I’ve had an irrational fear of sand (true story) so I find the beach unbearable too. That’s so un-Australian, right m8?! I should probably trade passports with an English backpacker as I’m constantly avoiding Australia’s (apparent) greatest features in the search for air conditioning and fashionable Winter accessories. I am the original Summer Scrooge.

After waking up frustrated from the tropical temperature in my room this morning I knew I had to prepare something refreshing lest I immediately purchase a one way ticket to Europe; my only option was to turn to the freezer for inspiration. Frozen raspberries in hand I picked a fresh lime from the tree in the backyard and convinced myself I was going to make the most delicious, refreshing thing I had ever tasted. Or I would cry.

With only five ingredients and three steps is one of the easiest recipes I’ve posted here; it involves preparing a simple syrup and combining it with some crushed frozen raspberries. Try adding a variation of frozen berries or even upping the amount of booze on this if you’re in the mood to get your buzz on!


Raspberry Sorbet (with Lime and Cointreau)

(an original recipe)

1/3 cup sugar

1/3 cup water

1 lime

3 1/2 cups frozen raspberries

2 tbs Cointreau


1. Combine sugar, water and juice from half a lime into a saucepan over medium heat. Allow sugar to dissolve, then boil gently for 5 minutes to form a sugar syrup. Once prepared decant into a heatproof bowl and place in the fridge/freezer to cool completely.

2. Meanwhile, place raspberries into a food processor and churn until crushed. Place into a bowl and add the juice of the remaining half a lime and the Cointreau.

3. Once the sugar syrup has cooled completely pour into your raspberry mixture and stir to combine. Prepare in ice cream maker as per manufacturer’s instructions.

Okay, okay, maybe there is one redeeming quality about Summer; eating lots and lots of raspberry sorbet.


  1. in my kitchen | in my studio’s avatar

    I love the photos! The colour is just so vibrant and pretty. I’m sure it tastes amazing


  2. lisaiscooking’s avatar

    I was so sick of sweatiness this summer here in Texas! It was way too hot for way too long. This sorbet looks like a great way to endure the heat though!


  3. Catherine @ The Spring’s avatar

    SO beautiful and SO appetising! I would be a hero around my home if I came up with these on a hot weekend day! Thanks for the inspiration!

    – Catherine @ The Spring (in Brisbane)


  4. thelittleloaf’s avatar

    I would trade places with you! I’m a Brit and I ADORE the summer…I love the heat and long light evenings, and also the opportunity to eat delicious dishes like this. Great post :-)


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