Shoot the Chef + Pedestrian Blogster Awards

Spot the food trend: a portrait of Felicia: As a qualified pastry chef working in a city hinged on food trends, Felicia often finds herself surrounded by what’s in vogue – both inside and outside of the workplace.


It’s not too often I willingly broadcast myself online (I’m the opposite of a keyboard warrior; vivacious IRL but a little shy online), and in fact being mentioned over just a small section of the internet makes my heart race in the not-so-good way (unfortunate considering all my work revolves around cornea-melting screens) however there are two things that should be igniting my virtual loins as of late (gross). I’m not too good at spruiking so please bear with me, competitions make me uncomfortable so I’ll attempt to keep this short and sweet. I want to rub my anxieties in your face.

Firstly! I’ve entered Good Food Month’s Shoot the Chef competition for the first time with the above image. My debut features local pastry chef Felicia Chan (ex-Bourke Street Bakery, ex-Rockpool Bar and Grill) of Youeni Food Store surrounded by every dessert (and not-so-dessert) trend we could think of and/or fit onto her dining room table. Entries are now closed with a winner to be announced shortly however a People’s Choice award is running for a few more weeks. There are so many outstanding entries I just hope my lol-worthy offering is at least somewhot eye-catching and amusing to some. Can you spot all 25+ trends? My homage to put a bird on it or one of my favourite cryeating treats? It took two and half hours to set up and style the shot only for my heart to fall straight through the floor upon realising I’d forgotten to pack the one cable that plugs my entire lighting kit into the wall. NICE ONE MATE. We made do with my portable flash sticky-taped to a stand so considering the circumstances I think we did alright. If you like this image, enjoy Felicia’s curious demeanour, or approve of my sickening insight of and dedication to #sydneyfoodtrends, you can vote for it here!


Secondly (and speaking of voting for things)! I’m a finalist in Pedestrian.TV’s Blogster awards meaning I must be at least somewhat socially relevant. I’m not sure if the Facebook votes count towards too much (possibly for ~community engagement~?) but nonetheless my new and temporary facade as an online megalomanic would love your vote and you can do so right here by liking my page.

In the meantime let me know how many #sydneyfoodtrends you can spot in above photo. It’s like Where’s Wally! Only deliciously cliché. With #cronuts. Damn it feels good to be relevant.

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  1. Steph’s avatar

    I know what you mean about it making you feel uncomfortable, I’ve been experiencing the exact same thing. There’s something a little awkward about asking people to ‘Like’ you. But yay congrats! Love your entry, it’s so fun and hilarious. Will head on over and figure out how to vote for you!


  2. Deepa@onesmallpot’s avatar

    Ohhhh….good luck and congrats on the nomination!
    I’m loving the whole tongue-in-cheekness of this pic :-)


  3. Anna @ The Littlest Anchovy’s avatar

    Love this Alana – heading over to vote for you now.


  4. Ramen Raff’s avatar

    What a genius concept behind the photo!



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