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I HAVE RETURNED from my whirlwind adventure to SIN/BKK with local music personality, ex-housemate, platonic man-candy and general cool dude Adam on our mission to to eat all of the food feat. our friend Mel who’s working abroad for a little while. WARNING: photo-heavy post. Crazy heavy.

SINGAPORE. Some call it sterile, I’ll stick with “orderly”. A hub of too many great cultures. Check out the night safari after 7pm as part of the zoo. Head to Little India (the Tekka Centre on Buffalo Road) for a plate of the greatest chicken biryani, visit the East Coast for some chili crab (evidence of us giving it the ol’ ridgy-didge posted below) and lose your mind in the number of department stores along Orchard Road. Bugis Street was conveniently located moments from our hotel and is a great spot for on-the-go eats (thank u pandan + kaya waffle) and shopping for some adorable, girly accessories. Be sure to hit up maccas; the McSpicy goes off.

BANGKOK. You could spend your entire holiday exploring street food options (Sukhumvit Soi 38 has the greatest mango sticky rice) and getting lost in Chinatown on a Saturday night. TRY AN AUTHENTIC PAD THAI. Buy everything at Chatuchak markets (a stall I’ll caption as “a food stylist’s dream” also pictured below), go for a boat adventure through world heritage site Ayutthaya for a snapshot of Thai provincial life. Have the living balls beaten out of you with a legit Thai massage (I regret everything). For all the hip kids take some time to explore Thong Lo. We reccomend Iron Fairies, a terrace-converted-bar with the sweetest jazz, Mr. Jones’ Orphanage for the sweetest cake and feast for the eyes, Shades of Retro for some sick cocktails and guaranteed laid-back vibe with the added perk of all the free buttered popcorn your stomach can handle and for the greatest eats try Soul Food Mahanakorn (dem tamarind pork ribs) and Xuan Mai (a restaurant opened by former Miss Saigon turned FBI agent turned chef). No #sydneyfoodtrends in sight, just the way I like it.

Humidity aside I had a spectacular time and the post-holiday blues are beginning to hit home hard (OH LORD WHAT AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE) but for now please enjoy few of my ~travel pics~. Since there’s only so much I can squeeze into the constraints of this post for more and larger versions please visit my portfolio site and check out the photomedia section.

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