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So I’ve been massively ill since Tuesday. Everything was prepped and organised for a little shoot that day however, and most unfortunately, I only managed a few minutes of snapping before collapsing in bed. I’ve been drowning in blankets since and last night was the first time I was able to leave the house without crying like a total manbaby. The number of cool and important thing I’ve had to cancel this this week is super disappointing and even as I type this I should actually be attending a friend’s BBQ (pray for Mojo).

Upon reviewing my very few recipe photos from Tuesday I began thinking… my intention of starting this blog 11 months was not just to publish original recipes but also to celebrate the occasionan of food, since it’s such an huge element that brings us all together. The last (and might I add FIRST) time I posted about such an occasion was Julie’s baby shower in July of last year. So, Until my body drags itself out of its present, feverish daze I thought I’d share some photos from a few weeks ago, a little picnic at Sydney’s Hyde Park with the greatest of friends… and some new ones too. Amazing eats should go without saying because these guys are the greatest in the kitchen. Oh and see if you can spot my Jasmine + Pandan Macarons!