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Christmas Celebration Pavlova

Hello lovelies! How did December catch up with us so quickly? With the Christmas season amongst us I thought it only appropriate to share one of my festive recipes with you all!
Ok, ok, ok, ok, I need this, I need to feel good about myself and my life, I need to grow my paltry number of followers, I gotta make my blog big and presence known, I need influencer status, I want free stuff, I want fame by way of minimal effort, I want to flourish online not offline, I want to feel adored for all that I choose to share, I need this, I need this…

How many times have you been sweating in the kitchen preparing Christmas lunch for your family and friends? Cheese platter to arrange? Prawns to buy and ham to glaze? Dressing a pavlova for dessert? It’s so hard, and not everybody can cook with the efficiency of Curtis Stone!
Am I sounding like a relatable housewife enough?? Cooking-is-hard-but-I-totally-get-it-here’s-a-fun-and-simple-solution? I am here to help these plebs with my amazing food. Bow down, peasants. The world needs this content and the world needs me. The algorithm can’t stop me, NOTHING can stop me.

I’ve come up with an amazing, time-saving recipe incorporating all the things we love about Christmas – it’s a fabulous 3-in-1 assembly-only dish using readily available products from the nearest supermarket. Easy to prepare with a real, rustic flair. An absolute celebration of the greatest time of year. Yummy!
I am awesome, this is totally happening, they are going to throw so many free stand mixers at me for this. Airlines will be all over my dick. Guest spots, magazine features, book deals. I’ll have more #spon opportunities and free dinners than ANYBODY ahahahah ahhhhh I’m going to be tagging the shit out of big brands for big coin the moment I hit ‘publish’. My new life begins now.

Christmas Celebration Pavlova AKA Prawn Pavlova
2x pavlova bases
2x 600ml cream
Thousand Island dressing
200g shaved ham
1/2 kilo prawns, cooked and unpeeled
1 cup of cherries, stem on
400g tasty cheese, cubed
2 sticks of cabanossi
1 can passionfruit pulp
Candy canes
Lindt balls
Icing Sugar

1. Whip your cream until soft peaks form. Remove half and gently fold through a few generous squirts of Thousand Island dressing to create a gorgeous ripple effect.
2. Place one pavlova base on your cake stand. In rustic spoonfuls, dollop the rippled cream around the base and into the middle.
3. Layer folded slices of shaved ham over the cream.
4. Add the other pavlova base and layer the remaining half of the cream.
5. In generous handfuls, adorn the cake with your prawns. The more antennae, the better! Then add the cherries – their long stems mimic the peachy prawn antennae and intertwine like gorgeous branches – followed by the cubes of cheese.
6. In a squishy flourish, dress the prawns with more Thousand Island dressing. Gently push a long cabanossi stick into the pavlova base, then drizzle over passionfruit pulp with a teaspoon.
Oh fuck oh shit oh jeez it’s toppling over oh no it’s all falling nnNNNNOOOOOO
7. Candy canes! Throw them at the pavlova. From a distance, I don’t care. Same with any other festive candy you have in the cupboard, like these Lindt balls. Yes, so shiny.
Thank goodness, it’s festive again. I’m a genius ha ha ha ha oh noo it’s still crumbling ahhHHH SHIII-
8. Take a, uhh, big stick of uncut cheese and just really shove it in there. ADD MORE CABANOSSI BECAUSE IT’S RED, RED FOR CHRISTMAS.
It’s still good, it’s still good, it’s still good: you are NOT a failure, you are popular and likeable with ‘grammable content, you are popular and likeable with ‘grammable content…
9. Sprinkle with icing sugar! It’s snowing! I know we live in Australia but make it SNOW because IT’S WHAT THEY DO IN THE MAGAZINES
10. Let the disgusting cavity of the thing consume you and allow the social media likes, no matter how feeble, fuel you for yet another day. Uh, I mean…
10. Spoon generous serves in lovely bowls for all your guests to enjoy ensuring there’s a bit of everything in each portion.
I am sick. I need help.

Christmas Celebration PavlovaChristmas Celebration Pavlova

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Hungry? Excitable for what’s cool and good? The following filthy premonitions (photos and words) were commissioned by and appeared in Curium Edition Four. Big thanks to Jessi for getting me involved.

Fake Food for Curium

The New Namaste Bowl
Imagine being the kind of person who’s so damn boring they relocate to coastal New South Wales just to form some sort of personal brand, a tattooed shell wading in a pool of wide brimmed hats and tepid artistic notions – one of those annoying bastards raking in instagram likes and dollars, hurling transparent sponsored posts to naive and oblivious followers. Another photo of an immaculate smoothie bowl served in a half coconut? Nobody has time for that sort of self care! Here is the real namaste bowl for us working men and women: Moccona Medium Roast whipped smoothie adorned with every sugary cereal in the supermarket aisle, in whatever bowl is clean, served on your table still stained from last night’s filthy MenuLog binge. Good morning, world! Brown is the new green.

Fake Food for Curium

We Get It, You’re High Right Now
No longer satisfied with the subtle wink and a nudge associated with being a little hungry after you know what, the powers that govern our online social behaviours have reached unanimous agreement: if you got it, flaunt it. If you blaze it, praise it. Gone are the days of subtle 420 references. Huge green leaves are plastered on venue walls literally spelling out that stoner food is our lethargic future of cool. Prepare a peanut butter and brownie pie, dye it green and top it with crumbled brownie and enough Doritos, Twisties and Cheese and Bacon Balls to leave even the most proper connoisseur of green with cheese matted fingertips. Smoke drugs. But first, tell everyone that you do.

Fake Food for Curium

Rainbow Food
How’s your instagram follower count going? Are you ready to celebrate your paltry number of followers yet with a sweeping, calligraphic thank you message to all of your supporters? Need a little boost until then? Well here you are: rainbow scrambled eggs and avo, a perfect brunch accompaniment to a subpar social media presence. It will look great next to your timely regram of Bondi Icebergs.

Fake Food for Curium

Burger Culture
Double down or go home boys! Two beef steaks cradle cheese, peanut butter, Nutella, a donut and tomato sauce. Has outlandish burger culture surpassed the need for burger buns? Has the Nutella laden lifestyle of Sydney infiltrated each and every culinary crevice? Much like the recent extreme milkshake calamity of Sydney, structural integrity is irrelevant now – to become successful simply hurl what you can at at the godforsaken thing. Appease your inner manchild, who is clearly cruisin’ for an disgusting oozin’.

Fake Food for Curium

RSL Chic
Pub culture, or RSL Chic as I have penned the phenomenon, is reaching its inevitable peak: fine hors d’oeuvres served on Jatz, the “revival” of the roast chook (which actually never, ever went away, but whatever), dishes possibly imagined from the worst “Easy Microwave Dinner” cookbooks of the 70s, and white bread as far as the white guy can see. Behold, the seafood extender sandwich: combining facets of both New Casual Dining and 90s Australiana. Pair this fistful of minced ocean dregs with a shit beer and bask in the knowledge that you ate That Cool Thing at That Cool Place first.

Fake Food for Curium

A Foraged Lunch
When times are dire we are all urban foragers in our homes – your living room carpet a gentle, rolling moss. Mastering good plating by way of negative space and immaculate objects means you’re 90% there to creating a Michelin-starred masterpiece! Stale old cracker? Cool. That half packet of M&Ms lying around? Even better. Crusty old miso paste? Quenelle it. A single rocket leaf in your failing balcony garden grasping at its last few moments of life, an anchovy fillet, some really old muscatels from the cheese plate of a dinner party hosted with your last thread of dignity and a smattering of… stock cube? Yummy. Rene Redzepi eat your flawless Danish heart out. Be the forager you wish to see in the world.

Cadbury Creme Egg and avocado toast

Hey guys! Just a quick little update here. With every blogger publishing their utterly original Easter recipes clamouring for Buzzfeed list fame, and after missing out on World Nutella Day earlier last month, I couldn’t stand not posting something of my own! Here’s a wonderful Easter themed brunch recipe to entertain both friends and family on a leisurely Easter Monday morning – Cadbury Creme Egg™ and avocado toast. The internet lives for yolkporn! And the internet lives for recipes involving the Cadbury Creme Egg™. Everybody posts them. Everybody loves Cadbury Creme Eggs™. Cadbury Creme Egg™ brownies, Cadbury Creme Egg™ cupcakes, Cadbury Creme Egg™ cookies, Cadbury Creme Egg™ ice cream, Cadbury Creme Egg™ martinis, Cadbury Creme Egg™ dip, Cadbury Creme Egg™ brioche soldiers. Put the egg on anything, everything. All hail the Mighty Egg. Like a soft yolk moments before oozing and cascading down the brittle crust of artisan bread, I wanna feel the warm embrace of Egg. It’s smashed avo with a holiday twist!!

Cadbury Creme Egg and avocado toastCadbury Creme Egg and avocado toastCadbury Creme Egg and avocado toastCadbury Creme Egg and avocado toastCadbury Creme Egg and avocado toastCadbury Creme Egg and avocado toast

Cadbury Creme Egg™ and Avocado Toast
Rye bread
2 avocados
8 Cadbury Creme Eggs™
Handful of chives, chopped
2 lemons
Olive oil
Sea salt and pepper

1. Slice four thick slices of rye bread and pop them in the toaster.
2. Cut avocados in half, peel the skin, remove their seeds and slice thinly on the diagonal. Fan them out and divide amongst the bread.
3. Slice Cadbury Creme Eggs™ in half lengthways and nestle four halves per piece of bread in the avocado. To generate #yolkporn, pop them in the microwave for a few seconds!
4. Squeeze over quarter of a lemon lemon, sprinkle over chives, grind course salt and pepper as the final adornment and enjoy!

Cadbury Creme Egg and avocado toast

Extreme milkshakes. The well-garnished milky beverage game of Sydney has reached peaked virality. Donuts perched upon mason jars, Kit-Kats wedged like an unholy crucifix: doused in chocolate sauce knotted with lashings of whipped cream, a striped straw puncturing everything in its path, impaling every adornment. Heavy handled jars of flavoured milk are spewing from so many cafes in pure copycat style, each establishment attempting to outdo the last, to outplay the originals who rightly hold the claim to fame. Freddo Frogs drowning in salted caramel milk, achingly slow, their faces submerged with that deranged smile like something out of a horror film, ganache is oozing from its enormous lip, pretzels, M&Ms and 100’s and 1000’s tacked on just for show. And the Oreos, my god the Oreos, they’re everywhere, and everyone’s got one, and everyone’s holding one of these extreme milkshakes, gnashing at food for the sake of social media, exchanging calories for notifications, it’s 8 o’clock in the morning and everybody’s drinking them to avoid the hour long lines from the brunching hour onwards to attain the Thing. The cult. The cult of Extreme Milkshakes. It’s here and we’re all trapped in a vortex of milk and Nutella and garnishes the moment we open Instagram.

But, if you can’t beat them, join them. Here are three flavours of my own: S’Mores Chicken, Bacon Burger and Coles Baked Fresh Today Bakery Aisle. Be inspired. Eat marshmallows and chicken. Milkshake flavours are irrelevant now, the duty falls upon whatever lies on top. May God have mercy on us all.

Extreme MilkshakesExtreme MilkshakesExtreme MilkshakesExtreme Milkshakes

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World Nutella Day Roast Chicken

I realise I’m a few days late, but I just couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t share my very own World Nutella Day recipe with you all! This one is a real treat, decadent lashings of nutella oozing over a hot roast chook, smothered in whipped cream and adorned with chopped bananas and 100s and 1000s, all served beside a glass of cool refreshing milk! It’s the type of casual yet luxurious roast best shared with friends at the table (the drumsticks dipped in additional Nutella will make a fun snack for the kids). Use your imagination and add scoops of ice cream and glacé cherries to create a chook banana sundae. Carve that chicken amongst friends. Hack the carcass. Allow the canned whipped cream pool onto your dining table, the indignity of the coloured 100s and 1000s spilling together. Let it stand there for hours, a confused shrine to both dinner and forced food holidays, melting and seeping and decaying in the midday sun. Edible flowers and a red and white striped straw will make anything appetising again. They are our saviour.

You needn’t wait for World Nutella Day 2016 to make this happen, get roasting ASAP for your next show stopper of a dinner party – douse your chook in milk, smear it with chocolate hazelnut spread, keel over and and cry and rejoice. Happy World Nutella Day!

World Nutella Day Roast Chook
1 roast chicken (prepare your own or pick up one from your local deli/supermarket)
250g Nutella
1 can whipped cream
2 bananas, chopped into slices
100s and 1000s
500ml milk
Edible flowers, to serve

Prepare your whole roast chook on a serving platter or wooden board. Slightly warm the cup of nutella and pour liberally over the chicken. Garnish with florettes of whipped cream, add banana slices and sprinkle over 100s and 1000s. Serve beside a jug of milk and adorn with edible flowers and red and white striped straws (optional). Carve at the table with friends and enjoy!

World Nutella Day Roast ChickenWorld Nutella Day Roast ChickenWorld Nutella Day Roast ChickenWorld Nutella Day Roast ChickenWorld Nutella Day Roast ChickenWorld Nutella Day Roast ChickenWorld Nutella Day Roast ChickenWorld Nutella Day Roast Chicken

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